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Well my 2nd heavy metal song is finally posted.
Hope you enjoy.
: D

New Heavy Metal Song Coming Soon

2008-07-19 15:00:31 by Havik99

My 2nd Heavy Metal Song Is Coming Soon.

I'm Making It From The Response Of My 1st Heavy Metal Song: Cypher /139402

I Think You'll Enjoy It.
It's Almost Here.

Awesome Heavy Metal Song!

2008-04-23 20:27:25 by Havik99

This song has gotten awesome responses.

Plz check it out and vote and review! /139402

New Heavy Metal Song

2008-04-23 18:50:10 by Havik99

I just posted one of my new songs and its getting pretty good feedback. /139402

I Was On Google Images And Searched Newgrounds And Came Across An Image Of Newgrounds Before Its Redesign. And Damn Does It Look Different.
Heres What It Looked Like.

That Holy Crap! I'm On The FRONT PAGE Doesn't Apply To Me.

Newgrounds Reflection On Past Appearance

THENEWCURE and I are planning on doing an audio collab I'm just not sure when.
We keep saying that were gonna work on it, but we usually don't.
So when we actually make it it's going to be Rock/Trance kinda thing.
Hopefully we'll get around to it.